Lynford Bungalow – Bogawantalawa

The Lynford Bungalow brings back golden memories of a bygone era, the way the colonial planters of the Ceylon lived. A stay at one of the most historic bungalows in Sri Lanka is an experience of a lifetime to savour – the type of lifestyles these planters had and now brought back in the same charming , loving and caring personal manner served by Lynford staff.

It is served with love, care and old school charm not witnessed or experienced in modern holiday facilities; view the life led by colonial planters in the salubrious Bogawantalawa valley, better known as the Golden Valley of Ceylon Tea, with breath-taking views and morning hikes in luscious tea gardens. It is a comfortable and beautiful haven amongst Ceylon tea bungalows, full of old world luxuries and personalised service for a memorable holiday.

Taste authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and Western dishes with fresh garden grown vegetables selected by the guest as was done and consumed by the then colonial planters.

Experience first-hand the tea manufacturing process from the plucking of the two leaves and the bud to manufacturing and the final product of the world renowned Ceylon Tea.

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