Sixteen years of research has shaped our views on the deeply entwined relationship between dietary knowledge and the overall well-being all human beings on this planet.

Trees and Leaves offers the world’s health conscious people something salubrious and unique that can easily connect with their daily routine.

Amidst a growing trend towards sustainable well-being and people looking to quench their desire to benefit from natures gifts, we strive to bring you the best that ‘Trees and Leaves’ has to offer us.


Enjoying the gifts of God:

We at Trees and Leaves believe that mankind is blessed with the gift of nature as the first line of defence for healing and long-term health. We are concerned that much of the
growth in diseases and illnesses are essentially due to the lack of appreciation towards

We want to reconnect people with the blessing of nature, so we search the globe over to source our product range from the best of the best suppliers of natural foods.
So that you can have more control over your own health.

However, nothing is added to our range of products until we test it for its health qualities, ethical and environment-friendly production and its organic certifications.

Here at Trees and leaves we are committed to offer you the best organic goods that are reasonably priced and guarantee freshness.
We source products that reflect environmentally and animal friendly farming methods, for it is healthier and better for people, animals and the planet. Our organic suppliers abide by broad standards;
– No genetically modified crops and ingredients are used
– The use of pesticides are strictly controlled
– Artificial chemical fertilisers are forbidden
– Farm animal welfare is paramount

We have great suppliers of organic coconut oil, honey, cinnamon and tea, retailing at very reasonable prices.

Everything that we do at Trees and Leaves is ethical. Our approach to buying products is just the same as we would do for our own households. Our customers are assured that all our tea, honey and spices and the rest of the products is fair traded and steers clear of any exploitation at any point of the supply chain.

We have naturally rain-fed tea estates, grown bio-dynamically in Sri Lanka in the central province. All our grocery lines are either organic or based on natural processes.

All our spices (cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, etc.) are sourced from Sri Lanka. We reuse, recycle or repurpose everything that is no longer useful. If you join our box scheme, you will receive your order in a re-cycled packaging. We discount products long before they expire.

We trade products that you need rather than what you want and so we give priority to the authenticity of the product. In a state where preservative driven convenient culture dominates, we assure our products to be 100% genuine, with no junk.

Whenever you see our logo next to our product, it’s just our way of telling you that we have sourced the product from an ethical supplier and tested it before vending it out to you. It is to inform you that what you are consuming is completely safe and healthy.

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